Thursday 22 January 2015

New Project for 2015 - beekeeper's quilt

One week into the New Year I spotted an Instagram post about making a hexipuff a day and was instantly captivated by the idea! It was my pattern tester friend Anthea's picture and I quickly looked up the hashtags she had added and fell in love with the beekeeper's quilt! If you have not seen or heard of this kind of blanket take a look at this blog post

my 1st hexipuff

Anthea (@forestflowerdesigns - Instagram, blog - ) is hosting a knit along (or KAL) this year. In order to make this vast blanket more achievable the idea is to make 1 hexipuff a day for the year and by the end of the year there should be enough hexipuffs to make a blanket!  

2nd hexipuff, so squishy!

I am using Tiny Owl Knits pattern which can be found on Ravelry ( It is very easy to follow and the photos are adorable!

Catching up!

Because I stumbled across the KAL at the end of the first week in January I had to knit fast to catch up. Initially each hexipuff took me around an hour but I can knit one in 40 mins now, so I am speeding up!

Placed side by side in blanket formation

Today I made my 22nd hexipuff and I am really pleased with how they all look together. It is going to be an amazing blanket one day ...

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