Wednesday 2 April 2014

Free crochet pattern - Shell Pattern Cowl

I am pleased to be able to share my first crochet pattern on my blog with you. This pattern has been thoroughly tested and I am happy to share it with you for your personal use. Please respect my original design and do not reproduce this pattern or the cowl made from it for your own financial gain. Happy hooking!

Shell Pattern Cowl by Marta Mitchell

the finished cowl

This lacy cowl is made with alpaca wool which feels luxuriously soft and warm against the skin. The frequent use of chain stitches makes the pattern quick to make up, and gives the cowl a light and airy feel.

3 x 50g balls King Cole Baby Alpaca, DK (approx 110yds/100m per ball) I used 501 “Fawn”
4.5 mm crochet hook

15 stitches, 6 rows in  a 10 x 10 cm square. The tension should be loose, move up a hook size if you crochet tightly.

Abbreviations (UK terms)
ch chain
chsp chain space
ss slip stitch
dc double crochet
tr treble
dtr double treble
dtrCl double treble cluster (see notes)
tr2tog treble 2 stitches together (see notes)
yrh yarn round hook
prev previous

dtrCl is produced by working 3dtr into the same space; hold back the last loop of each dtr on hook, yrh, pull through all loops on hook

tr2tog spans across the dtrCl of the previous round. Begin the tr2tog in final dtr of prev. round, holding on to last loop of tr on hook, skip dtrCl, tr in next tr, yrh, pull through all loops on hook. This creates an inverted “V” across the dtrCl.

detail of cowl

Using 4.5 mm hook, ch 120, ss into first ch to form large ring (making sure it is not twisted)

Round 1  Ch3 (counts as 1tr), 2tr into same ch sp used to complete ring, *3ch, miss 4chs, dc into next ch, 3ch, miss 4chs, 5tr into next ch* repeat to end of round, finishing with 2tr in same ch sp as 1st 3tr of round, ss into 3rd ch of ch3 (completing the shell)  

Round 2 Ch6 (counts as 1dtr, 2ch), dtr into next tr, ch2, dtr into next tr, ch2, *dtrCl into dc, ch2, (dtr into next tr, ch2) 5 times* repeat to end of round, finishing with dtr into next tr, ch2, dtr into next tr, ch2, ss into 4th ch of ch6

Round 3 Ch5 (counts as 1tr, 2ch), tr into next dtr, ch2, *tr2tog over next 2 dtr spanning across dtrCl, ch2, (tr into next dtr, ch2) 3 times* repeat to end of row finishing with tr into next dtr, ss into 3rd ch of ch5

Round 4 Ch3 (counts as 1tr),2tr into same ch sp, *3ch, miss tr, dc into next tr, 3ch, miss tr, 5tr into next tr* repeat to end of round, finishing with 2tr in same ch sp as 1st 3tr of round, ss into 3rd ch of ch3 (completing the shell)

Continue with rounds 2 - 4 until work measures approx 30 cm, 6 repeats of the pattern, finishing with round 4. Fasten off.

Finishing off
Secure ends and weave in on reverse side. The cowl will benefit from blocking.

I hope you have enjoyed following this pattern. If you have any queries, please contact me at

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  2. Thank you for the pattern - what were the finished dimensions of the cowl around the base?

    1. Hello! Thanks for getting in touch - with a good question too! This was one of the very first patterns I wrote and the finished dimensions section is not there (something I wouldn’t dream of missing out now!). I have made a calculation based on the tension and the number of stitches in the round and it comes out at 80cm - it is a very loose cowl. I hope this helps!


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