Thursday 29 September 2022

Free scrappy crochet blanket pattern!

Scrappy Blanket III

a crochet pattern

by Marta Mitchell

My first 2 scrappy blankets proved to be so popular, so I’m back with a third and I think you’ll find this one equally satisfying for using up all those little balls of leftover yarn!

It’s a super easy to remember pattern; a repetitive “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” rhythm makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a mindful crochet project.

The pattern written here is a tiny snippet of the size possibilities for this blanket. You can purchase the pdf of the full pattern (with instructions for 5 blanket sizes, 4 yarn weights, PLUS stitch tutorial video, chart, US terminology AND all my ideas for taking this pattern further) on my website.

This is a BEGINNER level pattern, written in UK terms.

(US terms available on my website)

You will need

  • lots and lots and lots of scraps or odd balls of yarn in the same weight (I made mine in DK/ 8ply) 

  • appropriate size hook for your yarn thickness (I used 5mm) 

  • scissors

  • tapestry needle for sewing in ends


The finished blanket will measure 113cm x 150cm, which is the standard measurement for a cot blanket, but makes for a decent lap blanket too.

For reference, my blanket is ever so slightly smaller in length, it measured 113cm x 145cm (unblocked) and weighed exactly 1.1kg. I started with ch201 and crocheted for 182 rows.


18 stitches x 13 rows per 10cm, main pattern in rows using a 5mm hook or appropriate hook to achieve gauge.

Abbreviations UK terms




double crochet


half treble






  • The pattern is super easy to remember once you’ve crocheted a few rows. 

  • Ch1 at the start of rows does not count as a stitch and is not included in the stitch count. 

  • To achieve neat colour changes, start using the new colour on the last yarn over of the stitch.

  • Weave in the ends on whichever side they fall, making your blanket reversible.

  • For a full table of sizes (pram, cot, small throw, large throw, single bed) plus how to crochet these sizes in 4ply, DK, aran and chunky yarn, you can buy the pattern on my website here.

A special thank you to Fiona Feeney,  Angela Lawton & Tammy de Nobriga for testing out this pattern for me - thanks ladies! xx


Begin with ch201

Row 1 1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc in each of next 4ch, [1tr in each of next 5ch, 1dc in each of next 5ch] repeat from [ to ] until you have 5ch left, 1tr in each of last 5ch. Turn. (200sts)

Row 2 Ch1, [1dc in each of next 5tr, 1tr in each of next 5dc] across. Turn. (200sts)

Rows 3 to 194 Repeat Row 2.

Final Row Ch1, [1dc in each of next 5tr, 1htr in each of next 5dc] across. Turn. (200sts)

Cut yarn & fasten off. 

Finishing off 

If you have any ends, weave them in on whichever side they fall, this blanket is reversible. 

Block your blanket to size to make the stitches pop!

Video Tutorials

I’ve made a few YouTube videos to help you succeed with this pattern because I really want everyone to feel confident about crocheting this blanket! My pattern should be clear to follow, but if you find yourself stuck the videos will help. If you are still stuck please reach out to me via email ( or via Instagram DMs - I’m more than happy to help!

Starting with a huge number of chains

How I joined in new yarn in this blanket

How to sew in those pesky ends!

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Wednesday 28 September 2022

Scrappy Blanket III is currently with my testers!

Hello, this week I took a wee walk with my dog, Jazz, and we went off in search of a good spot in the local woodland to take photos of my latest crochet scrappy blanket design. The leaves are just beginning to turn here in Scotland and I wanted quite a neautral background for the riot of colour in this blanket!

I soon found a fallen beech tree in good lighting with trees in the background. I had laid the blanket over the tree and was just settling into the photo shoot when Jazz jumped up to pose - covered in leaves and (thankfully dry!) mud! I'd forgotten how she is so used to sitting for her photo on stumps etc - clever girl!

The pattern for my Scrappy Blanket III is currently with my testers and I've only asked them to create a swatch so it won't be long at this stage (in fact 2 out of 3 have completed!). One tester has already started on a full blanket, so I'm pleased with that result!!

Next week I should be able to release the pattern and the basic version will be available for FREE on my blog with the option to buy the full pattern from my website, Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

The full pattern will include all the information you need to create the blanket in different yarn thicknesses and sizes. There will also be a chart and video link for the stitch used.

Let me know if you're excited about this one! I've certainly been asked over and over through the making process for a release date which makes me very happy - I'm crocheting something which I love and you clearly love too!

If you'd like to be first to know when the pattern goes live, sign up to my mailing list here!

Until next time, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Lazy Days Socks are popping up!


Hello! I am loving seeing all your Lazy Days Socks popping up! This part of being a crochet designer brings me so much JOY! Over on Instagram, the chat group I set up for the socks is proving to be a lovely community space. People are sharing photos, asking questions, offering advice - it's amazing!

Many people in the chat group are crocheting socks for the first time and are finding the support and encouragment they need from the group. I'm hoping new friendships are being formed too - I love to build up the crochet community!

Don't take my word for it, here's a review from Jane, @created.uniquely on Instagram:

"The kit is so lovingly and perfectly put together with such attention to detail. You have everything together in one place - from the yarn that is amazing both in colours and softness to the project bag with the beautiful print and postcard to match. The kit includes dainty stitch markers and a hook and a couple of extras that just add to it. Marta's pattern is so well explained you can't go wrong and there are links to to video tutorials if needed."

Jane has now finished both socks and they are looking so pretty!

If you're considering buying a kit - either as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special - don't delay because I'm taking them off my website at the end of the day this Friday! You can find the kits on my website here and you can use the code LAZYDAYS10 for 10% off the full Lazy Days Range!

Until next time, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

Friday 16 September 2022

Do your crochet habits change with the seasons?

I'm wondering ... do you make the same kind of things throughout the year or do you change your habits with the seasons? I know I like to crochet more snuggly items between now and the really cold spell - making things for myself, family and friends to keep warm in. What about you?

Right now I'm looking through my queue of patterns and deciding which things I'll be making over the next few months. The Tunisian sampler cowl from The Crochet Project's new course is top of my list.

I ordered a new Tunisian hook and some pretty autumn inspired coloured yarn from LoveCrafts to get started on that. They just arrived this morning, so I should have something to share with you next week - look out for that! The hook is a Knit Pro Symfonie Afghan which seems a little short but it is double ended, so I'll see how I get on.

The new course, 'Tunisian Crochet - Basics and Beyond', was the focus of my mid-week email so check your inbox or take a look at this blog post if you missed it.

As well as this cowl I have a snuggly cardigan (with pockets), a crocheted hat, a knitted hat, a crocheted pair of socks and a knitted pair of socks lined up for the months ahead, This should keep me busy up until December when the Christmas themed things will begin in earnest!

What about YOU? Do you have crochet plans for the upcoming colder months? Or perhaps you're in the southern hemisphere and are getting geared up for lighter items? Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts.

Until next time, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

Wednesday 14 September 2022

New Tunisian Crochet Course by The Crochet Project


Image © Joanne Scrace

*** This blog post contains affiliate links ***

Hello! Have you ever tried Tunisian crochet?

I have to confess, I've done a few basic stitches but not really delved into this side of crochet much at all. So when I saw The Crochet Project's new course 'Tunisian Crochet - Basics and Beyond' I was keen to give it another go!

For those of you who've perhaps not come a cross Tunisian crochet before, it's best described a s a cross between crochet and knitting. You use one long crochet hook and your work isn't turned but rather worked in 2 distinct rows; the forward pass and the return pass.

If you can crochet, you'll pick it up very quickly and have a whole new repertoire of stitches!

Image © Joanne Scrace

You can join the course in 2 ways: it's in The Hub (where it's free to all members) and it's also available as a stand alone course for £15. The link to both options is here.

Joanne Scrace of The Crochet Project created the course and to give you an idea of the content, I've lifted the following from her description:

"In this class we take you from zero to hero. Starting with the basics of choosing your hooks and materials to create your first row, you'll learn the skills you need to create a beautiful sampler cowl and tackle Tunisian patterns with confidence."

Image © Joanne Scrace

I hope some of you might join me on the course - let me know if you are.

Until next time, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Website / Ravelry integration

Hello! I have some amazing news if you're a Ravelry fan! If you buy one of my patterns from my website you now have the option to add the pattern to your Ravelry library!

This will be GOOD NEWS moving forward because when I create my next crochet kit you'll be able to add a copy to your Ravelry library alongside the printed pattern which comes in the kit. At the moment I'm doing this manually for everyone who has bought a kit by gifting the patterns across. If you haven't done so already please send me a message and I can arrange that, easy-peasy!

By buying directly from my website you're fully supporting my small business because it cuts out the fees I pay to Ravelry giving me more income to create more crochet loveliness for you, win-win! It also generates more trafic to my website which is hugely beneficial!

Going forwards discount codes will only be valid on my website too. This will save me the time it takes to duplicate them across to Ravelry, again more crochet time for me!

So, how does it work? When you recieve your confirmation email from my website there will be a button with "add to Ravelry library" on it. If you click that and follow the instructions the pattern will be added. 

I'm really chuffed with myself and my geeky ability to set this up - I hope it something that's benificial to those of you who use Ravelry.

Any questions about this, please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. Also, please bear with any teething problems in these early days. I've had a few people test it out and it seems to be working fine, but if you have any issues, do get in touch.

Monday 5 September 2022

Pattern of the month for September


Hello! Here's a blog post full of pretty photos to brighten up your Monday! The photos are of my Elsie Beanie and they make me smile because the model shoots for both versions were very memorable experiences.

The pic above was taken on a sunny day in May. It was 2020 and restrictions had lifted ever so slightly causing us to wander slightly further from home - there was a sense of adventure! My youngest was modelling for me and my eldest was taking the photos. We also had the dog with us and she had a great time sniffing around in an area we hadn't been to for ages! Also, a vintage map was involved which gave us lots of funny looks from passers by but we didn't care!

Back home, I used the map theme together with some of the other props to create this flatlay which I really enjoyed putting together. 

The olive coloured Elsie Beanie is the DK (8ply) version of the hat. It's crocheted in rows of modified htr (UK) stitches.

I decided to make the pattern a 2 in 1 pattern and wrote a fingering weight (4ply) version too! I absolutely love the drape in the finer yarn, people comment that it looks knitted, which is interesting.

The photo shoot for the orange version was so much fun because we had snow! It was February 2021 and snow had been forecast for weeks but kept missing us (I do get very excited about snow and I fancied doing this photo shoot in the snow). Finally it came - and there was lots of it and it lasted for about a week, good times! I love the photo of me throwing a snowball at my photographer, my eldest!

In September I'm bringing back Pattern of the Month with my Elsie Beanie as the star! You can have 10% off the pattern on my website and on Ravelry with the code SEPT22 

There are links below take you to my website and to Ravelry, both have all the information you need - I thought I'd switch things up and share a little of the background in this email!

Until next time, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

Friday 2 September 2022

Looking back and looking forward

Hello! I've had a busy week packing up crochet kits and getting them shipped off around the world, so this is a quick blog post recapping what I got up to in August and looking forward to my plans for September. 

The little collage grid below has my Lazy Days Crochet Kit in the centre and also showcases my August projects ...

  • I finished Hector Rhinoceros by Jan Schenkel (I also finished Darwin Turtle but he didn't squeeze in)
  • The Wristlet Clutch Purse was completed too. Pattern by Nicki's Homemade Crafts
  • I crocheted about 45cm on my scappy blanket - the most I've ever done in a month!
  • I had a go at lino printing for the first time since high school. The kit I used was from Shape Of Home, a Scottish craft company.
  • A new crochet hat design was started and I love the direction it's going in (photo at the top of this email)
  • And, as I've shared before on here, I did A LOT of cycling with my hubby!

So, what's new for September? I'm quite excited about September actually - I feel a change in the air already and it's renewing my enthusiasm and inspiration. I also 
CAN NOT WAIT to start wearing woollens again - bring on the cooler weather!

Here are my September plans and goals ...

  • My Lazy Days CAL starts on the 6th September and I'm excited about joining in with my second pair of Lazy Days Socks!
  • I'm going to release my Fields of Wheat Beanie! This one has been a long time coming and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all.
  • My Scrappy Blanket III will be finished, written up and sent to testers this month, whoop!
  • The courses on my website are going to get their overhaul. You can still pick them up at the BARGAIN early bird price now!
  • There will be another pattern release which I'm keeping quiet about for now (and have been for some time, hee hee!)

And who knows what else September has in store? I don't know about you, but I feel there are all sorts of new possibilites out there!

Until next week, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

PS. It's not too late to join in and buy your Lazy Days Socks pattern, pattern & project bag combo or full kit! There is 10% off the range on my website with the code LAZYDAYS10

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