Wednesday 11 March 2020

Workshop Review - needlefelting for beginners at Dalmore Croft

the stove is lit and I am all set up and ready to go!

Hello! Last Saturday I held my first ever craft workshop at Dalmore Croft, Barry and I wanted to share my experience here in this blog post because the morning went very well, the ladies all enjoyed themselves and they learnt a new skill. I should add at this point that all recommendations are my own, this post has not been sponsored.

materials and tools

I have been needlefelting for many years now and I almost exclusively use for my felting supplies. It's a bricks and mortar shop in Dorking, England which also has an amazing online shop - go check it out! I am a huge lover of colour so for me this online shop is a delight and I would love to go to the shop itself one day, it's on my list!

craft and tea!

When I arrived at the studio on Saturday the stove had been lit and it was wonderful and cosy with the fairy lights twinkling too; the scene was set for a creative morning. It didn't take me long to unpack the wool tops, needles etc and shortly after that my students started to arrive. There was tea, coffee, freshly made scones and homemade blueberry muffins for everyone to enjoy.

so much concentration

The first project was a simple pincushion with a vintage cotton reel for the base. This taught the basics of how to handle and manipulate the fibre into the shape they wanted. Smooth Merino wool tops was on offer for this project in a large variety of colours - something to suit all tastes. The next project was a bunny brooch which was slightly more challenging but everyone approached it with the confidence of their new found skills. To mix things up I offered various British, undyed wool tops for this stage, to allow the students to work with something a bit different and experiment with texture.

nearly finished

By the end of the morning my students had a finished pincushion and a finished (or very nearly finished) bunny brooch. If anyone wasn't quite finished they had the skills and materials to take it away and finish it off at home. I handed out feedback forms at the end are here are a few of the comments I received in the "what did you like about the course?" section; "Everything! Marta was a very good teacher and I loved doing a new craft." and "I liked learning the basics of a new craft and having a finished product."

So, I am definitely going to be running future workshops - more needlefelting ones, including advanced needlefelting - but also other handcrafts. I feel that people enjoy taking time out of their busy lives to stop, take a break and try something new. If you would like to keep up to date with news of all my future workshops please sign up to receive my newsletter.

Until next time,

Marta xx

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