Thursday 14 January 2016

Inspiring start to the year

I have had a lot of inspiration for new work so far this year which is not the way I expected January to turn out! I decided to challenge myself to write (and type up!) one new crochet pattern each month of 2016 because last year my pattern writing was somewhat unfocused and sporadic. I thought if I stuck to a seasonal item each time it would give me the focus I needed to create. Today is the 14th of January and so far I have a boot cuff pattern written (typed up and at the testing stage) and a hat pattern on the go!

boot cuff design

The boot cuffs use the crocheted cable method to produced a raised, textural effect. I began with pen and paper, sketching out the cable pattern then transferred it to crochet. I chose Artesano aran alpaca wool blend for the project because I am slightly addicted to alpaca yarn at the moment and I knew this particular wool would be soft and cosy. The small and medium size boot cuffs use one skein, larger sizes use two skeins; you can buy Artesano aran here. Once I am happy that the pattern is fully tested I will publish it, keep your eyes peeled!

fresh off the hook

last night's dusting of snow provided the 
perfect back drop for my photo shoot 

My second crochet design is a beanie hat, made in two colours using spike stitches. Up until now I have tended to focus on single colour patterns when I am designing because they are so much easier to write up. Now that I have more experience I am going to bring my love of colour into my work. This is something I am really excited about for this year and I hope it will bring a pop of colour into the world!

design in progress

This time I am using MillaMia naturally soft merino aran, which you can buy here. I love these two intense colours together, they will make a super bright hat! There may even be enough yarn left over from two balls to make a pompom, I'm not sure at this stage. I will finish this design in the next few days and type it up promptly (not leave illegible scribbles in my notebook to be forgotten!). Again, once it is tested I will share it with you.

My third creative burst this year is a new sewing design which I hope to sell in my online Folksy shop later this month. I started with a simple idea of using a covered button and played around with various fabrics and textures to go with it to create a brooch. I had soon come up with something I liked and I hope others will too!

new brooch design

So, I seem to be off to a good start this year and I hope it continues to be a year full of inspiration and creativity! What about you? Have you any creative plans for the year? Have you made something exciting? Please share below, I'd love to see!

Marta xx

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