Thursday 20 March 2014

Finishing Projects

I have written on here before about my tendency to have many different creative projects on the go. I have since found that it's common for crafters to do this, moving from project to project as their mood takes them. However, things have reached the point where I want to finish as many of my ongoing projects as I can before launching into the many fresh ideas I have!

Detail of completed blanket

The large granny square blanket I started in October was completed at the start of this week. The weather is still cold enough to snuggle under it in the evenings so I am happy to have finished it. I have very nearly crocheted a pixie hood, following an aran crochet pattern from Mollie Makes magazine. Also, I have almost completed a crochet pattern for a headband using Jenny Watson merino; there are a few changes required, but the design is almost there.

Another ongoing project is another large blanket I am making for my youngest sister and her husband. I am using up ends of wool to make granny square motifs so I can only work on it from time to time as I gather enough odds and ends together. My deadline is Christmas 2014 and I am confident it will be finished by then. On top of all these I am knitting my first pair of socks! Knitting doesn't come as naturally to me as crochet, so work on these is going to be slow. As long as they are finished by the autumn I will be happy, and so will my dad because I am making them for him!.

Work in progress, the blanket for my sister

I have good news on the Lemonadeyarns pattern competition I entered; I was chosen as one of the two winners! My wave pattern beanie hat crocheted using Erika Knight maxi wool was my winning entry. You can read all about it on the Lemonadeyarns blog ( ). This is an exciting opportunity for me because my pattern will be listed in the Free Patterns section of Lemonadeyarns' shop ( ). I would like to thank everyone who has tested patterns for me, I really appreciate it!

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