Sunday 18 September 2016

Yarn Review: Ginger's Hand Dyed Bleating Velvet 4ply

I have only been crocheting with Ginger's Hand Dyed Bleating Velvet 4ply for a week and it has shot into 1st place in my top yarn list! Dyed on a base of 80% superwash merino/ 10% cashmere/ 10% nylon it has a soft texture that feels wonderful to work with. But the main appeal for me is the stunning colourways available!

Last Saturday my husband and I had a child free day in Edinburgh. We took an early train through and spent the day exploring the city of my birth with no real fixed plan or agenda ... except a visit to Ginger Twist Studio! I had visited Ginger Twist Studio's stall at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March and although I didn't buy anything, knew I had to go and visit the shop and see all the gorgeous yarn together.

So, after leaving Waverley train station we wandered down to Edinburgh's east side and found the pretty shop with a little help from Google maps (how did we cope before all this technology?). The shop really is like it says on its website description - "a sweetie shop for knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers"! There were so many colours to take in, I had a hard job choosing just one or two colour palettes for future projects!

There is an extensive choice of the shop's own hand dyed range called Ginger's Hand Dyed. The above photo shows the 2 skeins of Bleating Velvet 4ply I chose. They were hanging side by side from the shelf and I thought the vibrant orangey red was perfect beside the cooler blue grey. I had a shawl in mind from The Shawl Project: Book Two by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin which required 2 different coloured skeins of 4ply and thought these two would do very nicely.

The colours I chose have descriptive names - they are "Grey Gardens" and "Girl on Fire" and the pattern, by Joanne Scrace, is called "Missed Kingfisher". The subtle shifts and changes in the colour of the wool make each row unique and compelling to crochet. 

I'm using a 5mm crochet hook, slightly narrower than the recommended 6mm but I'm particularly loose with my tension. The large hook helps the shawl flow and takes away any rigidity a finer hook would produce. Ginger's Hand Dyed Bleating Velvet 4ply drapes beautifully and feels so soft against my skin, I can't wait to wear it around my shoulders (oh yes! This one is for me!!).

My new-to-me vintage basket holds this project perfectly, I just had to take a photo or two for my Instagram gallery ...

If you are in or around Edinburgh I would highly recommend a visit to Ginger Twist Studio, if you're further afield you can buy online at

At the moment I am only a few rows away from finishing this shawl, then I will give it a light blocking before I can wear it. I can't wait!

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