Wednesday 19 May 2021

Sunshine Patch crochet competition launch


Hello! Today I'm really excited to launch my Sunshine Patch crochet competition! This challenge is all about pushing your creativity and I've been in touch with some fabulous small businesses to bring you some amazing prizes!

I'm passionate about encouraging people to take a crochet design and put their own spin on it. Crochet is an especially good craft for allowing you to do this because the stitches are so quick & easy to build up and if they don't look how you hoped they're easy to unravel and start again. It's also simple to swap one stitch for another, for example double crochet stitches instead of trebles to make a segment smaller. Then there is yarn choice and colour which can vary a look dramatically! 

If you've ever worked up a crochet pattern, read the instructions and thought "I'm not going to do it like that, I'm going to do it my way!" then you've already given this a go - well done! But, perhaps making alterations in this way is something that you you really aren't confident about or hadn't even thought of doing - if so, I hope you find my competition encouraging!

So, here's the competition ...

  1.  Firstly, you will need a copy of my Sunshine Patch crochet pattern: if you are signed up to recieve my newsletter, you will have a copy already; if not, simply sign up to my newsletter and the pattern will automatically be sent to you for FREE. Sign up here.
  2.  I would like you to take my Sunshine Patch crochet pattern and add your own twist. There are some suggestions in the pattern to get you thinking, but there are endless possibities! The twist could be in the final use of the patch or it could be a dramatic transformation (or both!). I want you to be as creative as you can, now is your chance to SHINE!
  3.  Once completed, you can either post your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #MMDSunshinePatch or you can simply reply to the pattern email, attaching your photo. 
  4. The competition will run until midnight on Thursday 10th June (BST) and the prize will be awarded to the most creative interpretation of my Sunshine Patch crochet pattern. The prize includes 1x sunshine stitch marker from Labours of Love Crochet, 1x acrylic pin & 1x greetings card from Unicorn Puffs and Rainbows, 1x handmade crochet hook from Pedro's Plaques & Pretty Things and 1x online Blocking Masterclass from The Crochet Project
  5. Competition open worldwide (however, if any import tax fees are charged, they will need to be paid for by the winner).

You can see the prizes in the photo below, it's an amazing bundle! All prizes have kindly been donated and I am so thankful for the support of the crochet community on Instagram. If you're not already following me, you can find me on Instagram here.

Crochet is a wonderful way to let your imagination run wild - be brave & experiment - whatever you make I'm sure it will be awesome! And ... if it doesn't work out as you hoped, it's only a small project, not the end of the world - try again! I can't wait to see what you make ...

Marta xx

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