Saturday 5 September 2015

Children's Colourful Cowl

Hello! My Children's Colourful cowl pattern is the first crochet pattern that I have published for sale on Ravelry, a massive online knit and crochet community. 

my youngest boy, modelling the finished cowl

I began this pattern back in the spring of this year when I was bursting with fresh creative ideas! I had chosen the 4 colours, thinking they looked good together but hadn't decided exactly what to make with them. After a little playing around, I found that this zig zag pattern worked well.

work in progress

I like to post progress photos online, especially on Instagram, because I can usually tell from feedback whether my idea is going to be successful or not. There's a lovely community feel on Instagram, I like to support fellow designers too!

the cowl from the back

The yarn I used for this project is King Cole merino DK which is available in a superb variety of colours! Since making it, I have found a lovely colour combo for a more feminine cowl; swap "sky" for "fuchsia" and swap "cranberry" for "bilburry".

the crochet curls this way naturally, no need to block!

Up until now, my crochet patterns have all been free, so is this the end of free patterns? Not at all! I will continue to develop both free patterns and patterns for sale. At the moment I am at the pattern testing stage of 2 free patterns and 1 pattern which is more complex and will be available for sale.

my young model is rather attached to the cowl!

If you are interested in buying the pattern for this cowl, you can find it here. Please share if you follow my pattern, I'd love to see how you get on!

Marta xx

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