Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Free crochet pattern; wave pattern beanie hat

This beanie hat pattern was first published in the "free patterns" section on the Lemonadeyarns shop website. Since then, due to the fabulous increased range in the online shop (seriously, go check it out!), there is no longer room for the free pattern section. I am now able to share the pattern with you here, I hope you like it! 

This textured hat is crocheted with super chunky wool and works up really fast. It is worked in the round from the brim to the crown.


1 hank Erika Knight maxi wool (I used shade no. 32, “steve”)
10 mm crochet hook
stitch marker / contrasting piece of yarn
large needle for sewing in ends


11 stitches x 4.5 rows per 10 cm²

Abbreviations (UK terms)

ch chain
ss slip stitch
dc double crochet
dc2tog double crochet 2 stitches together
tr treble
prev. previous
beg. beginning


The wave pattern is created by crocheting 4 stitches into the dc of the previous round. It may help to have a stitch marker or contrasting length of wool to mark the beginning of each round.


Ch 40, ss into first ch to form large ring (making sure it isn’t twisted)

Round 1  ch1, dc into each ch, ss into ch1 at beg. of round 1 (40 stitches)

Round 2  ch1, *(1dc, 3tr into dc), miss 3dc* repeat 9 times, (1dc, 3tr into ss of round 1), ss into ch1 at beg. of round 2

Rounds 3 - 6  ss into dc, ss into 1st tr, ch1, *(1dc, 3tr into next dc)* repeat 9 times, (1dc, 3tr into ss of prev. round), ss into ch1 at beg. of round

Rounds 7 - 8  ss into dc, ss into 1st tr, ch1, *(1dc, 2tr into next dc)* repeat 9 times, (1dc, 2tr into ss of prev. round), ss into ch1 at beg. of round (31 stitches)

Round 9  ss into dc, ch1, *(1dc, 1tr into dc)* repeat 9 times, (1dc, 1tr into ss of round 8), ss into ch1 at beg. of round 9 (21 stitches)

Rounds 10 ch1, dc, dc2tog to end, ss into ch1 at beg. of round 10 (16 stitches)

Round 11 ch1, dc2tog to end, ss into ch1 at beg. of round 11 (9 stitches) Leaving a long tail, weave in and out of front loops of remaining stitches, pull closed, fasten off.

Finishing off
Secure ends and weave in on reverse side.


I can assure you this pattern has been thoroughly tested. I am happy to share it with you for your personal use, but please respect my original design and do not reproduce this pattern or the hat made from it for your own financial gain. Please comment below if you make a beanie hat, I would love to see your projects. Happy hooking!


  1. Thank you for sharing this adorable pattern. I do have a question for you. In rounds 3-6 should there be some missed stitches after *(1dc, 3tr into next dc)* ? I tried it as written and things got crowded and didn't feel right. Thank you in advance. Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for your compliment. I'm sorry it's taken me longer than usual to get back to you. I am crocheting like a mad thing trying to finish a blanket before the year is finished! I looked at the rounds you're having trouble with - the stitches are all worked into the double crochet stitches of the previous round, miss the treble stitches. I hope this makes sense now. Marta xx


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