Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! So far this year I have spent most of my time doing what I love best ... crocheting! Up until a few days ago the weather was grey, rainy, windy and horrible, the perfect excuse to snuggle under my granny square blanket and crochet away!

I finished a toy polar bear for my youngest son a few days before New Year and he immediately started talking about the possibility of a family of polar bears! The one I had given him was Daddy Bear and he thought there should be at least a Mummy Bear and a Baby Bear. I had followed a pattern in Mollie Makes magazine by Kerry Lord and using this as a guide I adjusted the pattern to make Mummy Bear. She was a big hit with my youngest and from there I had to design my own pattern for Baby Bear. He was to be a lot smaller than his parents and I had to stick to similar proportions in order for him to look similar. He is very nearly complete but has been pushed to one side to make way for a delivery of yarn from!

Mummy and Daddy Polar Bear

I have decided that this year I am going to start writing down my own patterns and spent a big chunk of my Christmas money on purchasing some gorgeous yarns to play with. Towards the end of last year I wrote up my first pattern and I am excited that it's now in the testing stage. Although time consuming the process was very satisfying and I am keen to write more. I have been designing my own crochet patterns for the last 4 or 5 years but I prefer to make them up as I go along as I am so absorbed in the process that I don't want to keep stopping and analysing what I'm doing! I have however found the solution to this; make the crocheted item in the same fast and furious way and then when it's finished carefully examine it and write down the pattern before making it again, checking that everything is correct as I go along.

Pattern writing progress

Today I began work on my first hat pattern using Erika Knight's Maxi Wool. This wool is chunky and feels lovely and squishy! I used a 10 mm crochet hook and the hat came together quickly, within an hour and a half I had produced a hat! I used pen and paper to scribble down my method and my next step is to take it to the computer because I doubt anyone wants to read my scribbles!

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