Tuesday 19 September 2023

How To Choose A Colour Palette For Crocheting

Collage of 4 pictures (top left pink and navy striped beanie, top right  colourful scarf, bottom right blue and red crocheted slipper socks, bottom left stripy cushion. The words Colour & Crochet Course appear in the top right corner

Hello! In this blog post I'm going to give tips for choosing a colour palette for crocheting, because I don't know about you, but I am LOVING all the colour combos appearing on social media and in my inbox from indie dyers for the upcoming MKAL from Stephen West! There are so many gorgeous combinations out there for a gradient with 4 skeins of yarn - it's such an inspiration. Whether you're a crocheter and a knitter or you just stick to crochet, these combos are everywhere at the moment, you can't miss them!

But, what if you want to join the MKAL (or follow a pattern using 4 skeins of yarn) and you'd like to put your own combination together? Perhaps you have stashed yarn you'd like to use or maybe you'd like to treat yourself to some new yarn and create your own unique combo?

I'm going to share a technique from my Colour & Crochet Course which will help you choose your next colour palette. It begins with creating a mood board, so go grab a pile of magazines or newspapers, some paint cards or fabric samples, scraps of wool, small items from a nature walk - whatever else you have to hand - and get creative! If you don't feel like getting hands on, you can use Pinterest, or it's new sister app Shuffles, for this exercise - you can search for millions of different images and if you don't want to share your board with the rest of the world you can set it to "secret". I’ve also recently used Canva to create some collages - search in their Elements, select “photo” - there are hundreds to choose from!

For your colour theme, you might like to choose autumn, or sea scapes or perhaps a festival vibe! Don't think too hard about the bits & pieces you're adding, just go for it and see what becomes of the process. Once you have your mood board, you should be able to pick out recurring colours and put them together. Look for two colours you like and pair them together, then make a trio, then add a fourth ... before you know it, you'll have your 4 colours.

Image shows an open scrap book with various magazine clippings, swatches of paper and yarn, all in autumn colours

Fancy giving it a go? If you do, please share on social media and TAG ME, I'd really love to see!

Want to dive deeper? This is just one of the exercises in my Colour & Crochet Course, there are lots more to help you gain confidence in choosing colours. The course also includes 5 of my crochet patterns which use more than one colour so you can put your new found knowledge to immediate use! 

Here's a testimonial from one of my happy customers:

"Marta's color course is very enjoyable as well as helpful. I'm so glad I purchased it as I feel more confident about choosing my color pairings."




I'll be back soon, until then, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

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