Friday 20 October 2023

Help Me Choose My Next Design!

Hello! That's right, I need your help to decide which way forward I should go with this design! On day one I started crocheting and it was going to be a new sock design - I was super pleased with the way the stitches looked in this yarn. All was well and going to plan!

Then on day 2, I was on a live Instagram chat with Claudia (@sunbirdcrochet across social media) and when I went to share my progress with Claudia I popped the sock on my hand to show it off better. Suddenly I thought "oh, this could be a mitt design!"

So, you see my dilema? I'm not going to produce both designs, for me it's a one or the other situation - but which one? I put a poll on my Instagram stories asking my followers there to decide and the result was a 50/50 split, aaarrgghhhh! I'm hoping you can give me a clearer answer because right now my head is a muddle and I can't choose!

If you're wondering, I'm using one of Zauberball Crazy colourways from Schoppel (no. 1153 to be specific!). It's 75% virgin wool, 25% nylon 420m/ 100g ball.

Click this link to my super quick Google form and cast YOUR vote. Thank you in advance for your help!

Marta xx

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