Monday 30 October 2023

Wise Words From My Nana

Hello! When I was a girl I would spend a week every summer holidays staying with my Nana who lived 2 and a bit hours away by car, down in in the Scottish Borders. For me this was a magical time because it was just the two of us and my Nana really encouraged me to be creative.

One of my favourite things to do was to spend the whole week making teenie tiny things for my dolls and doll houses. Everything was thrifted! I reused the tiny Kellog's cereal boxes to make wardrobes. I glued together bits of tinfoil from sweetie wrappers to make ornaments. I used scraps of material from my Nana's stash to sew clothing and bedding - sewing on her vintage, hand-turned Singer sewing machine of course!

These were such happy days. My Nana was always so full of encouragement and kept coming up with creative ways to reuse things which would otherwise be thrown away. She had a cupboard called her Glory Hole which she used to store all these treasures, because she said "you never knew when this might come in useful".

Today, I definitely have my Nana's wise words in my head when I snip off ends of yarn and store them up for stuffing or when I stash away little oddments of wool for making a scrappy blanket. It's all just too good to throw away!

Crocheting and knitting scrappy blankets has become something I LOVE to do and I'm sure my Nana had a big influence on this way of working. I've even written 3 patterns for crocheted scrappy blankets and all 3 are available on this blog, for FREE!

In this blog post I'm going to highlight my Scrappy Blanket II, but if you pop "scrappy blanket" into the search bar above you'll find all 3 free patterns.

I crocheted my sample in 4ply/ sock weight yarn but if 4ply yarn isn't your thing, fear not! I've done the maths to enable you to create this blanket in 4ply, DK, aran and chunky! Not only that, I also took the time to calculate the number of stitches & rows for 5 different sizes of blanket, from pram to single bed size!
Take a look at this stunning blanket via the link below, start saving up your scraps if you haven't already, and get crocheting!

Until next time, happy crocheting,
Marta xx

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