Friday 28 February 2014

Design, design, design

It's been all about designing this last week or so! Now that I have learnt how to write up my patterns in the traditional format I'm able to work faster from idea through to finished pattern. It seems that no sooner have I sent a pattern off to be tested that I start on the next one. I'm sure the sunny weather and the pretty spring flowers which are beginning to open up all around are helping with my creativity too.

Yesterday I emailed 3 lovely testers with my latest pattern. It was an amigurumi design which I had made a few times 4 or 5 years ago but I didn't know how to write it up at the time. I looked at how my original amigurumi was put together, counted the rounds and thought about the colours.

 My new amigurumi in the centre with the original designs either side

I decided to use my current favourite yarn; MilliaMia ( there are a few free patterns on the website, worth a look!). I buy most of my yarn from UK based Lemonade Yarns (  free patterns on this website too!). There is a pattern competition running at the moment which might have something to do with my increase in designing too! The details are on the Lemonade Yarns facebook page if you are interested in finding out more

Cover photo for my new design

This morning I received a free sample of wool from Emma at Lemonade Yarns. It was a ball of Jenny Watson, pure merino DK, a new line of yarn for her shop and I was keen to try it and see what it was like. The wool felt lovely and soft and not at all scratchy so I thought it would be perfect for a cosy headband. I began working on a cable sample straight away and I'm happy with it, ready to move things on to a bigger scale. 

Work in progress

I am extremely grateful for all the work my pattern testers do. There is always something obvious missing from one of my patterns and I appreciate these little mistakes being pointed out, making the final pattern just right for someone to pick up. For every pattern tested the tester's name will be added to a prize draw to receive a surprise parcel of homemade goodies from me. I will do this every six months. If you are interested in pattern testing for me please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hello lovely, just to say that you've put my old Facebook page as the link, and not my new one! It should be : x x x

  2. Hi Emma, I'm sorry about that! I think it's sorted now, could you check please? xx


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