Monday 16 May 2022

Crochet speak: what does it all mean?


Hello! Have you ever wondered what on earth some of the funny phrases crocheters use on social media mean? For example, "I've lost at yarn chicken" - did you know that means "I've run out of yarn to complete my project"? There are all sorts of funny little phrases and acronyms that us yarnies (see below!) use which can take a while to figure out!

Over on Instagram this week I'm going to be sharing a few of my favourites, so here's a handy reference for you, especially if you're new to it all!

  • I'm frogging = I'm unravelling my work
  • LYS = local yarn shop
  • HOTH = Hot Off The Hook, a newly finished project
  • CAL = crochet a-long, when a community of crocheters work on the same project at the same time.
  • Yarn bomb = a piece of crochet or knitting attached to railings, trees, etc
  • JAYGO = Join As You Go, a poular way to join granny squares as you go along
  • WIP = Work In Progress
  • CROJO = the desire or drive to crochet
  • YARNIE = a yarn lover
I hope you've found this useful, it's by no means an exhaustive list, but gives you a flavour of the more common ones. Sign up to my email list here to receive content like this directly to your inbox, as well as free patterns and my biggest discount codes! 

See you in the next blog post where I'll be sharing something HOTH!

Marta xx

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