Monday 30 May 2022

My rebranded Colour & Crochet Course

Hello! Today I'd like to chat to you a bit about my rebranded Colour & Crochet Course. You may remember, I launched at the end of March this year and called it Pattern Plus: Colour and I have to say that sales have been very disappointing. However, I've not taken it to heart, instead I've used this as an opportunity to have a bit of a rethink, ask a few followers for their opinions and tapped into fellow crochet biz owners knowledge.

You see, for some reason I had been self-sabbotaging it by not calling it a course when it clearly is a course! It's way more than a pattern bundle, there are video tutorials, written tutorials and practical exercises to help crocheters make the most of colour in their projects. Pattern bundles are generally just a group of patterns based around a theme. The reason I don't think I was calling it a course was because I wasn't believing in myself and my authority on the subject. But hey, I have a degree in Fine Art, I've been crocheting colour patterns for 12 years and designing for 8 years ... I do know what I'm talking about here!

So, it was time for a name change! I've kept it simple and called it 'Colour & Crochet Course' because it keeps things simple and tells people exactly what it is. I'm hoping it clears things up for you too if you were unsure and that you'll go check it out on my website (it's only available here).

To give you an idea of what to expect, here's what's included ...


  • Air Balloon Beanie
  • Banjo Socks
  • Printer Ink scarf
  • In The Groove cushion cover (exclusive to this course!)

I've chosen patterns which use multiple colours for you to go and have fun using your new knowledge of colour!

The patterns are all in UK terms and they include either videos, charts or both to help you succeed.


  • Choosing colours (written)
  • Playing with colour (written)
  • Introduction to colour theory (video)
  • Working with a colour mood board (video)
  • Choosing colours for crochet projects (video)
  • Case study (video)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! You can leave me a comment or you can send me a DM on Instagram.

Good news! At the moment the course is ONLY £15! It's at this crazy low pricewhile I wait to receive feedback from customers who have bought it so I can look into any changes that need to be made and get some reviews too. I've valued the course at £43.00, so this is a huge saving for you!

Like I say, any questions, please get in touch! Happy crocheting,

Marta xx

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