Friday 10 June 2022

New crochet pattern coming soon!


Hello! Yesterday I took the dog, Jazz, on the train for the first time and she loved it - I think she thought it was just like a big car and she LOVES the car! The purpose of the trip? We were headed into the nearby town of Broughty Ferry which is half way betweeen my house and my eldest son's flat and we were meeting up for a long overdue photo shoot! There were 2 items which I wanted photographed; my customised denim jacket with the flower panel and my next pattern release - Tweed with a Twist scarf. The weather was in our favour - dry, overcast but bright - perfect for the seaside backdrop I was hoping for! Jazz really enjoyed sniffing along the beach and exploring a new town too.

So, once the photos are edited and sent to me I'll slot them into the pattern, add the video tutorial which I made in the morning before I went out, and upload the pattern to the usual places! Sign up to my mailing list to be first know when it's live and give you the biggest discount code - look out for an email next week!

Until then, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

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