Friday 3 June 2022

Are you joining in with The Crochet Project's MCAL?

 © Joanne Scrace

Hello! I'm here this week to tell you about The Crochet Project's upcoming MCAL! Now I think about it ... CAL and MCAL are not terms I covered in my crochet acronyms post the other week ... so, if you haven't come across the terms before; CAL is short for crochet a-long and an MCAL is a mystery crochet a-long. But what's a crochet along some of you might still be asking? It's when people work on a project at the same time as each other, posting photos on social media and cheering each other on in the process. Usually it's timed for the release of a new pattern but sometimes there can be themed CALs, for example I saw a Christmas in July one advertised yesterday!

Back to the The Crochet Project ... there is a new MCAL this summer, beginning with the first clue on July 8th. Because it's a mystery, we only have a few details including the name, Aestival Shawl (aestival means belonging to, or appearing in, summer), the type & quantity of yarn required and there has been a hint dropped that delicate lace sections are included.

I've taken part in this annual MCAL in the past but one significant change this year is that it's going to be exclusive to The Crochet Project's brand new Hub. The Hub is a monthly membership which gives you access to crochet patterns, tutorials, articles, stitch dictionaries and a forum. I thought it sounded like a great place for all things crochet, joined straight away and have become an affiliate member! At the moment membership is just £2 per month with the code HUBINTRO and you can of course cancel any time.

Back to the shawl ... Joanne Scrace has designed the Aestival Shawl and she has teamed up with one of my favourite indie yarn dyers, Vicki Brown Designs, to create limited edition yarn kits for the MCAL. Each kit contains 2 skeins of Kid Silk Fluff (69% silk/ 22% Kid Mohair/ 9% polyamide per 100g/ 350m) and there are 3 colours to choose from!

I've ordered mine, but I'll keep my colour choice secret for now! Kits cost £46 (plus shipping) but you can use code AESTIVALMCAL to get 10% off. You can access The Crochet Project's page with more info on the MCAL and a link to the yarn kits hereOf course, you can crochet the shawl in whichever yarn you choose - perhaps there's something in your stash?

I hope this post has been of interest and I look forward to some of you joining me in The Hub!

Happy crocheting,

Marta xx 

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