Thursday 27 October 2022

Everything you need to know about dye lots


Hello! Following on from the top tip I shared about yarn bands last week, I feel there is a lot more to say about dye lots! If you missed that email, you can find the info in this blog post. Can you believe I've now written 200 blog posts? Crazy!

So, what are dye lots? A dye lot is the batch number that a yarn dyer or manufacturer puts on the yarn band or label. See the photo above for an example, it's usually located beside the colour name or number.

Due to the nature of the dying process, each batch is going to differ slightly from the others. Now, this is only a problem if you're creating something with multiple balls or skeins of yarn - then you want to make sure they all come from the same batch or dye lot.

Has the following ever happened to you? You've crocheted a jumper or a blanket and noticed that there's a stripe going across your work that's a slightly different, but ever so noticeable, shade?

So, now you know, always check the label or band!

I have a few pro tips for you here:

1) If you're working with hand dyed yarn there isn't always a batch number and even if there is there can be variations between the skeins! 

In this case the best thing to do is alternate between the skeins, round by round or every 2 rounds (depending on the scale of your project). This will give you an even looking finish.

2) Some yarn shops will keep yarn back for you if you let the owner know you're working on a large scale project and may need to buy more. 

If you find a local shop that offers this AMAZING service, please support them as much as you can! Also, don't forget to let them know when you've finished your project so they can put their stock back on the shelves.

3) If you ordered your yarn online and find you need more you can email or phone them with your dye lot number and they may be able to supply you with the correct batch. 

Oh, one final thing - hang on to those ball bands!

Until next time, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

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