Thursday 26 January 2023

How wool saved the day!

Hello! Last Friday we had a guy round to fit us up with a smart meter for our gas and electric. Our existing electric meter was actually broken, so even though we'd heard lots of stories from other people about issues arising from the process, we had to go with it.

To cut a long story short, the engineer suspected our boiler to be faulty and cut off our gas supply. At lunch time. ON A FRIDAY!

Could we get hold of a plumber on a Friday afternoon? No.

Did we have a cold weekend? YES!

Things were actually ok over the weekend because I had craft group on Sturday morning, church on Sunday morning and I went for long walks both afternoons. We also had a few electric heaters (we did did still have electricity, phew!). 

But, Monday morning after nearly 3 days of no heating the house was COLD. It was a dark and miserable morning outside too.
Hubby was off to work and our youngest was off to college and I was alone in the house waiting for the plumber who MIGHT have time to pop in and check the problem (but it was likely to be Tuesday they said).
Well, hooray for the tribe of ladies in the small biz community that I'm in because they cheered me up with silly GIFs and suggested I go put on all my woolly layers and make a reel!

This is exactly what I did! I was already wearing lots of crocheted and knitted items but I went OTT and put on 2 hats, a cowl, a scarf and a shawl! 
Not only did making the video give me purpose and give me a giggle, it also went on to gain over 16K views on Instagram! Crazy for me!

The little snippet above shows only the end of the video. If you missed it and want to watch the whole thing, click the link to Instagram here.

No doubt about it, wool definitely does keep you warm, which is why I choose it for my designs. If you're interested in my crochet patterns, you can find them on my website, on Ravelry and on LoveCrafts. Below is a pic of one of my most popular hat patterns, my Elsie Beanie, which is crocheted in merino wool.

I hope this post has inspired you to layer up in wool too! If you'd like to receive my blog posts straight to your inbox, please sign up to my newsletter here. 

Until next time, happy crocheting

Marta xx


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