Friday 19 August 2022

Are you lefty crocheter?

Hello! I'm looking for some feedback today - specifically from left handed crocheters! Before you scroll on ... if you're not a left handed yourself, perhaps you know someone who is that you could share this with? 

The need to answer this question has popped up because I saw a post celebrating International Left Handed Day by one of my followers on Instagram last week and it got me thinking; what can I do as a designer to make life easier for left handed crocheters?

I've created a simple Google form with a few questions which shouldn't take more than 3 minutes to complete. If you are left handed and you'd like to help me with this research, please take the time to fill it out.Your answers should help me improve my patterns for you!

Thank you in advance for your help with this. Happy crocheting,

Marta xx

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