Tuesday 23 August 2022

It's ok not to be perfect!

Hello! I'm going to share something big with you. Something many of us don't talk about because we feel that everything has to be super perfect. Are you ready?

When I'm crocheting something, my project almost always has a mistake in it.

There, I said it! There will always be something like a little issue on Row 17 where I had one extra stitch and did a decrease to make the stitch count right. Or maybe Round 7 made no sense to me, so I did my own thing. It happens all the time and it's fine. 

Crochet, I find, is really forgiving of an extra stitch or two here and a dc instead of a htr there. What I'm trying to say is - don't stress, nobody is coming to check you made the cardigan perfectly - you'll notice of course - but nobody else will, I promise!

In the Heel video for my Lazy Days Socks, I tell my viewers not to worry if they are a stitch or two out at the end of the section because crochet hides little errors like this so easily, no one will ever know.

If you're new to following a sock pattern, there are likely to be a few small errors. It's far better to let go of perfectionism and accept that there might be tiny wonky bits than to get all stressed out about the flaws. 

So, relax and enjoy the process! 

With realistic expectations in mind, are you interested in buying my Lazy Days Crochet Kit (pictured above withoutthe little surprises) and giving crocheted socks a go? Like I say, there are videos for all the steps, guiding you through the construction.

And if you end up with an extra stitch here or there, who cares, right?

I'll be back on Friday, until then, happy crocheting,

Marta xx

PS. Don't forget your discount of 10% with the code LAZYDAYS10

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