Thursday 16 February 2023

Yarn review: Holst Garn Highland sock yarn

Hello! A few weeks ago I finished a pair of socks for my middle son using Holst Garn Highland sock yarn and I thought a yarn review might be useful for you because when I shared photos of my project I was frequently asked what this yarn was like to use.

Although this was a knitting project, I've also crocheted with the yarn to give you feedback on what it's like to crochet with. I should quickly add that this is not an affiliate post and that all opinions are my own.

For my son, Jamie, I knitted a pair of toe-up socks using 2 hanks of Holst Garn Highland sock yarn and following a variety of different patterns, taking elements to suit my goals. It had to be a toe up sock because Jamie has UK14 feet and I wanted to be sure I had enough of the main colour; a shorter leg was ok, but a shorter foot was not!

Holst Garn are based in Denmark and run by Helle Holst. They have a store in Aabybro in Denmark or you can order from them online, like I did.

I used two differnt colourways; Charcoal (a solid black) and Purple Touch (a hand painted, marled purple), they came exactly as I'd pictured them.

I'm delighted to report that this yarn was a joy to use! First up, it wound easily into a ball without tangles or fuss - always a bonus! Secondly, it felt super soft on my hands and didn't split on the needles. It has a higher twist than usual on commercial sock wool giving it excellent stitch definition.

When I worked up my crochet samples I found it really lovely to crochet with too! I have some leftover of the purple colour so I'm using that to make squares for my Battenberg Blanket and I swatched a square of double crochet stitches (UK terms/ single crochet in US terms).

My only negative feedback would be the colour pooling on the hand painted yarn. There wasn't an issue with the socks or the granny square, but I found it a slight problem on the double crochet sample because it was worked in straight rows. 


Composition: 80% Superwash Highland Wool/ 20% nylon, 2ply yarn

Wool origin: Peru

Weight: 4py/ fingering/ sock weight

Colour range: 10 hand painted, 8 solid colours, 2 two-coloured

Meterage: 210m/ 50g skein

Wash: machine washable, cool cycle



Overall ease of use: 10/10

Softness: 10/10

Stitch definition: 10/10

Quality: 10/10

Eco friendliness: 5/10

Range of colours: 7/10

Colours true to screen: 10/10

Colour pooling: 8/10

Drape: 10/10

Ease of washing: 9/10 



A good score and it could possibly have been even higher if I was able to find out more on their eco poloicies. However, for me the fact the wool has been shipped from Peru to Denmark and then to me in the UK does have to be taken into account.

Do I recommend Holst Garn Highland sock yarn? Absolutely! It was truly lovely to work with and I'm so happy with the results.

I've also made a YouTube video reviewing this yarn, so if you'd like to check that out you'll find it here.

Well, that's it for this post! Did you find it useful? Have you tried Holst Garn Highland sock yarn? What did you think? You can always leave me a comment, I love hearing from you!

Until next time, happy crocheting,

Marta xx 

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